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At long last, the Liger Zero variant created by the Guylos Empire based on the Republics Liger Zero that has both the full Changing Armor System (CAS) and the latest stealth equipment, EZ-054 Liger Zero X, is joining the Kotobukiyas HMM Zoids lineup!This model uses a newly-designed CAS that makes full use of the Electron Drivers for shooting attacks and Stunblades for melee combat.This multi-colored kit utilizes clear parts that make it easy to achieve a finished look that closely resembles the original character design, and includes a variety of decals for different emblems and markings.Add this Zero equipped with its powerful CAS to your Zoids collection today!Product Specifications:·This model utilizes the "Changing Armor System" where each piece of armor is removable from the model.·The Electron Drivers and Stunblades can be fully extended, and the blades include a telescoping feature.·The Cutter Fairing on the head, shoulder armor, radiating fins, and the Ground Unit on the tail are recreated with articulated parts.·The cockpit hatch on the model's head can open and close, allowing a pilot model to be placed inside.·The Zoid Core inside the models chest can be removed.·The 3mm connection point on the models lower torso is compatible with Flying Base Neo (sold separately).·All new emblem and caution mark decals to recreate the world of Zoids are included in this kit.*This product is a set that includes a Liger Zero Empire Ver. (base model) and an X Unit.