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The popular Liger Zero in Kotobukiyas HMM series is rejoining the lineup in its Empire version with various new decals to recreate the Guylos Empires emblems and markings!The standard white color scheme of this models silhouette and details are changed to the red and gold of the Guylos Empire.Along with the clear green parts, the kit also includes clear colorless parts as a bonus. The clear colorless parts can be customized with model paint. Add this red Liger Zero designed by the Guylos Empire to your collection today!Product Specifications:·This model utilizes the "Changing Armor System" where each piece of armor is removable from the model.·The cockpit hatch on the model's head can open and close, allowing a pilot model to be placed inside.·The Zoid Core inside the models chest can be removed.·The 3mm connection point on the models lower torso is compatible with Flying Base Neo (sold separately).·The extension features on the "Ion Turbo Booster Units" and "Downforce Stabilizers" on the models back have been recreated.·In addition to the clear green parts for the cockpit, colorless clear parts that can be customized with model paint are also included.·All new emblem and caution mark decals to recreate the world of Zoids are included in this k