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The Gundam Engage Zero was an experimental mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics at the lunar city of Von Braun as an addition to the Gundam Development Project. It was develop as a Mobile suit against Anti-Mobile Suit weapons.

The appearance of the mobile weapon features a slender feminine design with many curved surfaces that resembles a woman, and there is also a movable backpack, an expandable rear skirt with built-in thrusters, and a part that corresponds to the rear end that is exposed when the rear skirt is expanded. Further acceleration can be obtained by the thrusters.

Many engineers from the former Principality of Zeon, who have a proven track record in high-mobility combat, have participated in the development, and the machine's codename "Engage Zero" also has the meaning of a fusion of the technology of the Federation and Zeon forces . It is The cockpit layout conforms to the standards of the integrated maintenance plan implemented by the Zeon Forces , and the "Z" at the end of the model number is also taken from the initials of Zeon, representing the Federation Forces prototype "RX". ” and “MS”, which indicates a mobile suit made by Zeon, are written together, making it a unique mobile suit.

Comes with 
  • Beam Rifle The machine's main weapon. The shape is similar to that of RX-78-2 , but the shape of some parts such as the aiming sensor is different.
  • Beam Saber
  • Shield