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Bandai namco


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 From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM F91], Jegan Nomal Type(J form), which is essential to reproducing various combat scenes, is released in the HGUC series!!


Appearing in [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM F91], Jegan Nomal Type(J form) is released in the HGUC series at a 1/144 scale which is ideal for collection.

The unique colors are reproduced with colored molding, and the characteristic body parts and weapons are reproduced with new molding!


● Many characteristic forms on the body!

   Differing from the Jegan suit, a Vulcan Pod on the head, ,Thruster, Backpack, and leg exteriors are reproduced with new molding.


● Shield and Beam Rifle are thoroughly reproduced with new molding!


● Includes Marking stickers with suit identification numbers.