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HGIBO #20 Gundam Astaroth Origin

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As its name implies, the Gundam Astaroth Origin is the original configuration of the Gundam Astaroth, appearing during the Calamity War over three centuries before its time with Tanto Tempo. In the Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Gekko manga, one of the major plot points is the restoration of Gundam Astaroth, as the Warren Family, whom Gjallarhorn deemed the rightful owners of Gundam Astaroth Origin, sold off the armor and equipment to cope with their financial struggles. Throughout the story, the team encounters a handful of enemy Mobile Suits utilizing Gundam Astaroth’s original equipment, returning the lost armor to its rightful owner. If the manga were to return from hiatus, perhaps this is the version of Gundam Astaroth that’ll finally take down the mysterious Gundam Seere.

Included alongside the Gundam Astaroth Origin for accessories:

  • 150mm Shotgun
  • Sledgehammer Scabbard
  • γ Nanolaminate Sword


Gundam Astaroth Origin Form uses the same internal construction as the rest of the HG IBO Gundams, so building Gundam Astaroth Origin will be pretty familiar if you’ve assembled other HG IBO models before. While this may seem like purely cost-cutting, it is in line with the Post-Disaster timeline lore. The Gundam Astaroth Origin model kit also shares some armor parts with the Gundam Vual, who acquired a large portion of Gundam Astaroth Origin’s armor in a plot to enrage Volco Warren, the driving force behind the restoration of Gundam Astaroth Origin. The Gundam Astaroth Origin enjoys higher mobility than even the Gundam Barbatos, as Astaroth’s original equipment allows it to fly in the atmosphere! Bandai recreated this gimmick with a simple transformation of the shoulder armor with the tail stabilizer mounted to Gundam Astaroth Origin’s back.

Weapons and Other Notable Attributes 

The Iron-Blooded Orphans series is known for its unique weaponry, and Gundam Astaroth Origin certainly delivers on that. The 150mm Shotgun serves as Gundam Astaroth Origin’s only ranged armament and is most effective at medium-short range attacks. For high-powered melee strikes, Gundam Astaroth Origin uses its sizeable Sledgehammer, also serving as a sheath for the Gundam Astaroth Origin’s most impressive weapon, the γ Nanolaminate Sword. This weapon connects to the inner frame of Gundam Astaroth Origin, allowing the transfer of Ahab Particles from the Gundam’s reactors to the Sword’s blade. The Ahab Particles significantly increase the blade’s ability to penetrate the Nanolaminate Armor of enemy Mobile Suits. The technique used to create this effect is no longer possible using current technology, making the γ Nanolaminate Sword one of the most mighty Mobile Suit weapons left in existence.

This kit includes:

6 Runners total (A, B, C, D, E, PC002)
Total Piece Count – 126 with 5 Unused Parts
Foil Stickers