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Italeri Porsche 935 Baby 1:24 Scale

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SUPER DECAL - COLOR INSTRUCTION SHEETTo participate in the car competitions of the FIA ??Group 5 category, Porsche created a version derived from the famous Porsche 911 turbo road car and fitted with dedicated engine and chassis solutions. There were several versions developed for sports competitions. Particularly famous was the Porsche 935J “Baby” built to compete in the German national championship (Deutsche Rennwagen Meisterschaft) in the two-liter category. The "Baby" adopted a lightened chassis that allowed the car to have a total weight of only 735 kg to be in line with the regulations. It adopted a 1,425 cc air-cooled engine capable of delivering a power of 261 Kw The car obtained an important victory on the Hockenheim circuit in 1977,