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Macross Frontier VF-25F/S Super Messiah 1/72

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Kit VF-25 Messiah equipped with a super pack for outer space combat! Super parts attached to each part and "knee & shin" parts for changing the position of the engine block are set with new mold parts. The cover of the micro missile pod on the upper part of the fuselage is movable and can be opened and closed. The large nozzles (top/bottom) of the left and right large boosters and the nozzle at the center of the upper rear part of the aircraft are movable with ball joints. The leg is a selection formula of parking state / flight state.

(*Currently not compatible with Macross stand sold separately.)

Comes with seated pilot and gun pod.
The head and decals are selectable between Alto and Ozma machines.
Hidetaka Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.

Additional plastic parts

  • Super parts for each part
  • knee & shin parts

Decal (Marking)

  • Private military provider SMS belonging F type: Alto Saotome boarding machine
  • S type: Ozma Lee boarding machine

Unpainted Kit Requires Glue